Klarios® ATIS Interception Management System

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Klarios® ATIS Interception Management System

Klarios® AIMS (ATIS Interception Management System) is ATIS systems’ flexible mediation system. Thanks to its modular and scalable architecture, it can be efficiently integrated in existing or new telecommunications networks. Modified interfaces can also be integrated easily and cost-effectively.

Extremely Reliable Platform for Lawful Interception


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AIMS enables telecommunications network operators to mark telecommunications connections (HI1) as well as to intercept packet-switched and circuit-switched communications data (HI3) and call-related data (HI2) from monitored telecommunications connections. This data can be forwarded to investigating authorities.

You, too, can rely on the cutting-edge technology provided by ATIS systems, your reliable partner for the future.

Important advantages and features of Klarios® AIMS:

  • Efficient integration into existing telecommunications networks
  • Cost-efficient solution for telecommunications network providers for the fulfilment of statutory provisions
  • Modular and scalable architecture
  • Robust and highly reliable technology
  • No negative effects on the performance of the telecommunications network
  • Fulfilment of the highest security regulations
  • Support of all current international standards


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