Klarios® Biometric Analyics

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Klarios® Biometric Analytics

Klarios® Biometric Analytics (KBA) is a voice recognition system that identifes persons in phone calls and videos. The biometric algorithms KBA uses are among the fastest and most accurate in the market and allow near real-time speaker recognition. Existing systems, such as surveillance systems, passport databases, subscriber databases, and social media crawlers can be connected easily to KBA.

Important advantages and features of Klarios® Biometric Analytics:

  • Detects already known speakers in audio and video
  • Finds all recordings of unknown speakers
  • Recognizes voices in any language
  • Import from various sources and support of all current video formats, audio formats, and codecs
  • Comes with an integrated biometric profle database to match voices to persons
  • Provides comprehensive workflows to set up user roles, access rights, case organizations, and many more

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