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Your Application to ATIS systems GmbH

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Your application gives us a first impression of you. Therefore, you should take your time putting together your application and be sure to give it a personal touch.

We would like to know who you are and how you imagine your future job. Therefore, you should outline your knowledge and skills according to the job of your choice, while providing us with your most important personal details. It should become clear what you expect from a job, an apprenticeship, an integrated degree programme, an internship, or a student employment at ATIS systems.

Your CV provides information about your professional career. We are particularly interested in your educational career as well as internships, extracurricular commitments, hobbies, and language skills.

Your credentials provide evidence of your educational and professional career. In case you have not yet received any graduation certificates, please enclose your last two school reports. Certificates of internships and the like should also be enclosed.

Your application should contain:

  • A cover letter
  • A personal data sheet (CV)
  • Credentials
  • Certificates of internships or courses, if applicable
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Apply now: We are looking forward to meeting you!